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Name:Jehan Prouvaire
Disclaimer: Jean (or "Jehan," as he prefers to spell it) Prouvaire is a character from Les Misérables. by Victor Hugo. He appears here solely for role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar from which no profit is being made.

Jean Prouvaire was in love; he cultivated a pot of flowers, played on the flute, made verses...All day long, he buried himself in social questions, salary, capital, credit, marriage, religion, liberty of thought, education, penal servitude, poverty, association, property, production and sharing, the enigma of this lower world which covers the human ant-hill with darkness; and at night, he gazed upon the planets, those enormous beings...He spoke softly, bowed his head, lowered his eyes, smiled with embarrassment, dressed badly, had an awkward air, blushed at a mere nothing, and was very timid. Yet he was intrepid.

Jehan is a French student and Romantic who dies in 1832 in an attempted revolution. He wears clothes appropriate to 1830s France (trousers, shirt, waistcoat, cravat, coat, plus a tricolor cockade that tells everyone he's a republican). Canon does not give us physical description, but my version of him is around 27 years old at the time of his death, tall, slender, and has darker skin than the average French dude owing to part-Haitian descent.

The player can be found on DW [personal profile] bobbiewickham, a mostly dead journal, but it works to find me.

Note on canon-puncture borrowed from [personal profile] pro_patria_mortuus: in the 1830s Victor Hugo was already a well-known writer and prominent figure in the Paris artistic scene, so Jehan has heard of him and almost certainly knew him personally, since he runs in literary and artistic circles. He would not be shocked to learn that Hugo wrote a novel about the events of the June 1832 uprising. But beyond that, if we're getting into any personal specifics only knowable through reading Les Misérables, please talk to me first just so we're on the same page.

Jehan is now thoroughly canon-punctured. He's read the entirety of the book Les Mis.
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